Call for Submissions April 2017

New Markets with Deadlines

Corporate Cthulhu | 3c/word |Deadline: June 1

The Mad Visions of al-Hazred | $25|Deadline: June 30th

Retro Future  Science Fiction|Pays SWFA+ |Theme: Resistance|Deadline: September 1st

Red Room Magazine Extreme Horror | 3c/word |Deadline: July 1st

Outlook Springs Strange Stories| $25 |Deadline: July 15th

Zombie Punks Fuck Off | 1c/word |Deadline: April 30th

Year's Best Hardcore Horror  Reprints| 1c/word |Deadline: End of year

Against Survival | $10|Deadline: August 22nd

Garden of Earthly Delights | Pays half a cent / word|Deadline: January 31st

The Wyrd | $10|Deadline: June 30th

The Anatomy of Monsters | $25|October 31st

The Beauty of Death 2 | $100|Deadline: September 1st

Dark Luminous Wings | 2c/word|Deadline: May 30th

SNAFU: Judgement Day | 3c/word AUS|Deadline: April 30th

Down with the Fallen Post Apocalyptic| $5 /1000 words |Deadline: July 21st

Welcome to Miskatonic University | 8c/word|Deadline: June 30th


Rolling Submission Periods (May or may not be open)

Perihelion  Sci-fi| 1c/word

Helios Quarterly |2 c/word+

Hyperion & Theia | 1c/word

Pantheon |1c/word

Sycamore Review $50


No Deadline/Ongoing Submissions

Samovar (A Strange Horizons project)  English Translations| 6c/word

Lovecraft Zine $50

Sockdolager 2 CENT + REPRINTS

Red Sun $100

Syntax and Salt Magical Realism $10

Black Girls Are Magic |$50

Bracken |2 cents/word

WOLVES |$5-30

Gathering Storm Magazine Themed| Pays $25

The Dark Magazine |Horror |3c/word |Reprints Accepted

Black Static Magazine 

Dark Moon Digest |1c/word

Bourbon Penn | 1c/word

Short Story Markets & Submission Calls: 2017

New year, new stories, new short story markets.


Retro Future  Science FictionPays SWFA+ Theme: Love Deadline: February 1st

Retro Future Science FictionPays SWFA+ Theme: GamesDeadline: March 1st

Liminal Stories 6 c/wordDeadline: January 15th

Helios Quarterly 2 c/word+Commercial Cosmonauts & Hired GunsDeadline: January 15th

Nightscript  $20 Lit Horror Deadline: January 31st.

Tales to Terrify (Audio) $50  Deadline: January 31st.

A Breath from the Sky 3c/word Deadline: January 31st.       

Hyperion & Theia 1c/wordSaturnaliaDeadline: January 31st.

Gaslandia 1c/wordDieselpunkDeadline: March 1st

Ride the Star Wind 8c/wordCthulhu Space OperaDeadline: January 31st.

Triangulation: Appetites 2c/wordDeadline: February 28th.

Would But Time Await $75Folk HorrorDeadline: April

Pantheon 1c/wordMonstersDeadline: March 31st

Tales from the Lake 3c/wordHorrorDeadline: February 1st.

No Deadline/Ongoing Submissions

Scout 8 c/word. Social Science Fiction.

Sycamore Review $50

Lovecraft Zine $50

Sockdolager 2 CENT + REPRINTS

Red Sun $100

Syntax and Salt Magical Realism $10

Grendel Song 3 CENTS Folklore

Black Girls Are Magic $50

Bracken 2 cents/word

WOLVES $5-30

New Short Story Markets for October

October is upon us. You're gonna be busy carving pumpkins and watching spooky flicks, so now's the time to send out some submissions before it's too late.

I only have a hanful available to submit, but I sent out what I had. What about you?



Here's what's new.

Markets with Deadlines

Young Explorer's Adventure Guide. Middle Grade. 6 cents a word. Deadline:  January 31, 2017

Skelos Journal. Spec fic. 1 cent a word. Deadline: September 30.

Mythic. Spec fic. $40. Deadline: September 30, opens again December 1st.

Gods and Monsters. 6 cents a word. Deadline: December 31st.

World Unknown Review. $15. Deadline: October 31st.


...and here's what's old, but still current.


Magazines I like, no deadline 100$

Sycamore Review $50

Milkfist $10

Lovecraft Zine $50


Red Sun $100

Syntax and Salt Magical Realism $10

Grendel Song 3 CENTS Folklore

Black Girls Are Magic $50

Bracken 2 cents/word $50

Far Strider

Vastarian Journal 1 CENT $50 1 CENT 7 CENTS

WOLVES $5-30


Markets with Deadlines. $250-500 Dec 31st $100 Oct 15th New England $75 2017 3 CENTS Jan 31st 1 CENT Oct 31st 3 CENTS Jan 31 $250 Dec 31 $15 Oct 31st Dec 31st $15

Short Story Markets

List of short story I have my eye on. All are paying, not all of them are pro. 


Magazines, no deadline 100$ $50 $10 $50 2 CENT + REPRINTS 1.5 CENTS STEAMPUNK RETROFUTURE $250 $100 Magical Realism $10 3 CENTS Folklore $50 2 CENTS $50 1 CENT $50 1 CENT 7 CENTS!submissions/c24vq $5-30


Anthologies, Themed Issues $250-500 Dec 31st Krampus Aug 31st $10 $100 Oct 15th New England $75 2017 3 CENTS Jan 31st 3 CENTS Sep 15th $250 Aug 31st 2 CENTS Aug 30th 1 CENT Oct 31st 3 CENTS Jan 31 $250 Dec 31 $15 Oct 31st

\ Dec 31st $15


Aghast - A Journal of the Darkly Fantastic KICKSTARTER


I really like fanzines. I made my first one when I was nine or ten. I don’t even know how I got that idea in the first place, it’s not like the Greek small town I lived in had a zine scene. Probably a project some other, more well-funded school did. I got my buddy at the time to help out and we filled almost 30 pages with inane drivel. Knowing nothing about copyright and IP law, I used some Christmas cards as illustrations. I got my uncle to photocopy it for free at his job and after selling copies to all my relatives, we straight up went door to door (or store to store) selling this. I guess I figured stores and doctors’ offices needed magazines and they’d love a copy of THE CHILDREN OF 2000. In retrospect, the title sounds like a bad 50s sci-fi movie, but at the time the year 2000 was far far away.

Anyway, this is a really roundabout way of saying, I love magazines and more than anything, I love making them. I tried my hand on a one-off magazine for a comics convention and it did reasonably well (sold out, actually), so it was time to go bigger.

That’s AGHAST – A Journal of the Darkly Fantastic. An illustrated journal of dark fantasy and horror. Each story will be accompanied by an illustration done by me. I believe in presenting fiction in the best way possible; wide margins, art, good layout. The first issue will contain short stories by Jonathan Maberry, Megan Arkenberg, Tim Waggoner, Jeff Strand and Gemma Files.

It’s my own work, but I think the art I made for it so far looks pretty good and will only get better. I really hope someone snags that AGHAST! Backer reward, where you get to be illustrated on the cover of issue #2. It should be fun to do.

And don’t forget, we’re still open to submissions and AGHAST is a paying market (1c/word).

I’d appreciate your support and help in getting the message out there.

Let’s make some zines!